Save our environment through active participation of local people
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First tengkawang factory will be operational this month

Tengkawang fat is an alternative for palm oil and interesting for manufacturers of cosmetics and food, read more

Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center will exist for 10 years this year!

What happened at Tasikoki in 2013? A brief report of the activities, read more

Research on relationship between reforestation and reduced flooding

Why do I find myself sometimes on the Masarang mountain at 3 o’clock in the morning, during a shower, dressed in pajamas and rain clothes?, read more


Planting trees & delivery of scholarships for ITM students read more

Palm oil companies destroy last forests

Recently it was world news: in Indonesia the last virgin rainforests are cut down and burned to establish palm oil plantations.Read more

Willie Smits

Willie Smits has already been working in Indonesia for 30 years. Willie's goal is to preserve as much valuable nature as possible for future generations.
About Willie


In this Blog Willie describes the way The Dayak live and introduces Mimi, a small and brave girl with already huge responsibilities. A very touching and inspirational story, the reason Masarang exists. Lees het volledige artikel

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About Masarang

The Masarang Foundation led by Willie Smits fights deforestation, the extinction of the wildlife and child poverty - global issues that will ultimately affect us all. Masarang implements solutions that are actively supported by the local population and have proven to be effective at low cost. In 2007, the BBC appointed Masarang as one of the 12 best charities worldwide.

Presentation People Planet Profit, sugar palm is the future of our world

Presentation Willie Smits, solutions to the global energy crisis by using the sugar palm (press 4 arrows button for larger image)



Saving endangered animal species and biodiversity
Tasikoki animal rescue center

Support for culture and activities
Sustainable agriculture

Environmental education and study scholarships Objectives

The role of sugar palm in Masarang projects
Sugar Palm a miraculous tree
A great movie of Raymond Hartman for the National Geographic about the village hub. A larger version can be viewed at the bottom of the sugarpalm-page.